On Saturday 7 June, right on time after the ritual welcome from the Municipality's Tourism Councilor Rossana Benazzo, the Acqui Terme International Open started. 

Ninety-four players at the start divided into the three scheduled tournaments: A, 50+, 65+. For this first edition we expected around a hundred players and so it more or less happened. 

Participation from abroad was notable with 14 foreign Federations present (there would be 15 with Russia which however participates under the FIDE flag), in particular we would like to highlight USA, AUSTRALIA, HONG KONG. We hadn't had the latter even in the various world championships that we have organized here in Acqui Terme over the years. 

As was noted during the welcome, the intention is to take stock after having organized at least three editions so as to allow the event to settle down and to understand whether or not it is appreciated by chess players. One round per day may or may not be liked, as is the absence of double rounds. The seniors should be happy right away since in Italy we are the first to include two dedicated tournaments in an event, a practice that is instead common in other countries. 

Live games and results on the website.

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The very active town of Acqui Terme offers tourists various types of initiatives. We show here a list of Events that can be followed during the period of our International Open, then, for each of these you can have more detailed information either in the tournament room at the Organization desk or at the Acqui Terme tourist office.

June 9th in the center LIBRANDO, the second-hand book exhibition and market.

June 12th in the morning in Piazza Bollente THE MILLE MIGLIA, the famous road car race of the 1950s which has now become a regularity race. They will stop in Acqui, where the race times will be checked. To date, there are almost 400 participants with cars of all brands and eras (a small selection in the photos). A feast of emotions for motor lovers. https://1000miglia.it/eventi/1000-miglia/1000-miglia-2024/

Furthermore, for the entire period you can visit BRUNO MUNARI - THE LIGHTNESS OF ART. An anthological exhibition on show at Palazzo Robellini.

Finally, we would like to remind you of the two blitz tournaments open to all that we will organize on evenings of Monday 10 June and Friday 14 June at the playing venue.

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