"Takis" Panagiotis, Chief Arbiter - Cristina Rigo, organizer
Organizers, Chief arbiters and arbiters

An important part of organizing a chess tournament and even more so for a European or World Championship is the Arbiters staff. It is necessary to cover as many languages as possible and at the same time have the maximum competence and preparation on the ever-evolving FIDE regulations to keep up with the problems that the changes in the world also bring to our beloved chessboards.

Cristina Rigo has always been very scrupulous to these details and to the formation of the team of arbiters and obviously the choices in this tournament have also been spot on.In the photos the entire staff plus the two organizers.


  • Cristina Rigo
  • Michele Cordara

Chief Arbiters

  • Panagiotis Nikoloupoulos alias “Takis” (Greece)
  • Deputy Chief Arbiter Almog Burstein (Israel)


  • Nuno Andrade (Portugal)
  • Sergii Larkin (Ukraine)
  • Tamas Gyomber (Hungary)
  • Andra Cimina (Latvia)
  • Martin Dobrotka (Slovakia)
  • Marta Motuzova (Slovakia)
  • Frank Jaeger (Deutschland)
  • Brunetto Casalini (Italy)
  • Roberto Mancin. (Italy)
  • Fiala Zdenek (Czech Republic).

Photos: Marco Maffiotto

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