ECU Senior Chess Championship 50+ 65+

25 May – 04 June 2023

Acqui Terme (AL) Piedmont Italy
A competition held by ECU
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Middle of the work
Yesterday the 5th round of all tournaments was played and, as always happens after the halfway point [...]
Awards and certificates
As everyone knows, it is very difficult to establish the motivation that drives players to participate in one tournament rather than another [...]
Competence in many languages
An important part of organizing a chess tournament and even more so for a European or World Championship is the Arbiters staff.
The TV in the play room
Usually the first round of play of any tournament is characterized by warm greetings between chess players who have not seen each other for a long time ...
Michele Cordara also many chess events and cultural events and has at his highest management level the Chess Olympiad Turin 2006.
Arcoworldchess (Cristina Pernici Rigo) and Scaccomattissimo (Michele Cordara), in collaboration with FIDE, the ECU, and the FSI have organized numerous Italian, European and World championships over the years.


Cristina Pernici Rigo FIDE International Organizer has been working for chess for 30 years, the most important one for Italy is Arco in October.